THE WESTFJORDS - Gunnar Ragnarsson



The Westfjords is one of the most remote and beautiful part of Iceland and it is perfect for every travel journey like hiking, watching wildlife, photography and more.

If you like hiking then Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is the place for you. You need to be careful because Hornstrandir can also be dangerous. You can expect snow at any time of the year and storms can break with little warning. It is necessary to bring warm and waterproof clothing even if you are just going to stay there for few hours. It is also known that polar bears have been seen there !

If you are a wildlife lover then the Westfjords are good place for you to visit. There are lots of animals living there, like whales, seals, arctic fox, gyrfalcons, sea eagles, snowy owls and puffins. I was lucky to see some of these animals during my trip there. The best place to see puffins is at Látrabjarg which is the longest bird cliff in the northern Atlantic Ocean and the westernmost point in Iceland.

If you are a photographer you need to visit Dynjandi, the most impressive waterfall you will see in Iceland. The biggest and widest part of the waterfall is the one that gets all the attention, even though there are impressive smaller waterfalls further down the river. Driving in the Westfjords is an experience. There are hundreds of kilometres of roads and some of theme are great to drive but others are more difficult, so you might need an 4x4 vehicle.



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